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Latina Environmental Leader Adrianna Quintero Highlighted for Advocating Change
Latina Environmental Leader Adrianna Quintero Highlighted for Advocating Change
January 31, 2013
Adrianna Quintero, Senior Lawyer of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Founder of Voces Verdes, was featured earlier this week on NBC Latino’s “Six Figures” series, and spoke about the importance of saving the environment. Vocal and passionate about what she believes in, Quintero is “currently protesting for a cleaner environment and getting more Latinos to join her cause along the way.” NBC Latino’s “Six Figures” series interviews prominent and successful Latinas who make an impact to the community, while making over six figures. “It’s important for us to be part of that conversation and look out for our families and future generations,” says Quintero. “It involves meeting with people, being creative… and breaking through a lot of stereotypes… I feel it’s very important to serve the community — it allows me to put my experience and knowledge to work for the greater good of the planet.” Most recently, Quintero and Voces Verdes wrote to President Obama to address climate change and make carbon pollution limits a priority. This push also got the support from national Latino organizations like the League of United Latin American Citizens, the Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights, and the National Latino Coalition on Climate Change. With Voces Verdes planning to have meetings with the White House in February, Quintero is preparing to show the administration the commitment levels that are necessary to clean up pollution that affects Latinos. “We’re excited to show [the president] we’re supportive of him,” says Quintero. “We know the administration really cares about the issues, and we want to make it clear that when it comes to climate change, Latinos care — poll after poll has shown that … I want to elevate our role in all forms.” NBC Latino
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