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Maryland Governor Revises Goal for Renewable Energy Use
Maryland Governor Revises Goal for Renewable Energy Use
The state of Maryland is changing its standards for renewable energy use, as Governor Martin O’Malley will propose a plan requiring utilities to make renewables 25% of their mix of electricity generation by 2020. In a speech that will be delivered today, Gov. O’Malley is looking to compete with California as one of the most aggressive states to reduce greenhouse gases. The state decided to change their previous target goal of reaching 20% by 2022. “Voces Verdes applauds Gov. Martin O’Malley for his commitment to the Chesapeake Bay and our country,” says Adrianna Quintero, Founder of Voces Verdes and Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Latino Advocacy program and a senior attorney. She adds, “Like President Obama's recent announcement on climate change, Gov. O'Malley's announcement acknowledges the critical need to act now to protect future generations.  Gov. O’Malley’s leadership on climate change and pledge to reduce Maryland’s greenhouse gases is an important step in the right direction." Gov. O’Malley believes that these changes will benefit the state of Maryland by implementing a green economy, improving air quality, restoring the Chesapeake Bay, and by providing unlimited, renewable energy. Because Latinos make up 8.7% of the Maryland population, the change in renewable energy use will reflect the desire of Latinos nationwide to support more climate protection legislation. “O’Malley’s climate plan is very strong and appropriate for Maryland’s climate vulnerability,” says Mike Tidwell, Head of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. “It is a plan that should be adopted by other coastal states across the country given the quick pace of climate change and the slow pace of action on Capitol Hill.” Washington Post
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