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Environmental Leaders Continue to Push Climate Change Plan to the House
Environmental Leaders Continue to Push Climate Change Plan to the House
Yesterday, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz testified before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power to support President Obama’s climate change plan and to try to defend its importance in combating the effects of climate change. The committee is investigating the Administration’s climate change policies, with several House Republicans skeptical of the climate change plan, arguing against McCarthy and Moniz. However, McCarthy and the EPA insisted that there needed to be new measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and that President Obama’s plan was the right path to take. “The evidence is overwhelming, the science is clear, and the threat from climate change is real and urgent,” said Moniz. “This is my judgment, and it is the almost universal judgment of the scientific community.” McCarthy and Moniz told the committee that moving forward with their climate agenda would be “an economic opportunity for the country and position the United States as an international leader in climate policy and technology.” New Mexico Representative Ben Ray Luján, another supporter of making climate change a vital topic in Congress, spoke yesterday morning on the House floor earlier to address this issue, while also highlighting the importance of action as it would affect the Latino community. “86% of Latinos support the President using his authority to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, including 60% of all American adults,” said Luján. Politico
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