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Sachamama supports the new EPA emission limits on new Coal Power Plants
Sachamama supports the new EPA emission limits on new Coal Power Plants

Red Latina de Concientización Ambiental

September 20th, 2013


Sachamama supports the new EPA emission limits on new Coal Power Plants

Washington D.C --- As part of President Obama's plan to combat Climate Change, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today its new plan to limit the release of greenhouse gas emissions from newly built power plants. The first real effort aimed at addressing climate change and moving our country towards a clean energy future. Carlos Zegarra, Project Director at Sachamama said: "Minorities are especially susceptible to the effects of carbon pollution from plants located within our neighborhoods. The new limits will lessen the health impact on our communities and safeguard the health of our children." "Coal-fire plants are responsible for 40% of the carbon pollution in the United States. Passing new carbon rules is the only way to ensure that no future power plants can dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air, worsening the climate crisis. With the implementation of national standards, The EPA and the White House are taking the needed steps towards a more sustainable tomorrow." "Sachamama supports this policy, as a first step, and looks forward to a more ambitious agenda in the fight against Climate Change."


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