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Dish and Reworx Partnership Enforces Recycling and Sustainability
Dish and Reworx Partnership Enforces Recycling and Sustainability
DISH is partnering with Reworx, an electronic recycling firm that employs individuals with disabilities and who face barriers with employment, to extend their sustainability operations and recycle retired satellite receivers and related electronics. “DISH looks to create efficiencies that allow the company to pass savings to its customers while keeping with its goal to reduce and eliminate waste,” said Mike Daniels, COO of Reworx. “The responsible disposal of DISH electronics is a smart operation with a lasting environmental and, now, social impact. By recognizing this value, DISH advances its business objectives while forever impacting the lives of our people.” DISH has worked with partners in the past to “recycle more than 500,000lbs of equipment every week.” Reworx has also been recognized for their support to the environment, becoming “the first Georgia-based electronics recycler to achieve the EPA’s Responsible Recycling certification. “Reworx not only furthers DISH’s sustainability endeavors by keeping nearly all received materials out of landfills, but it also yields another critical byproduct: opportunity,” said Jim LaRocque, DISH SVP of Service. DISH
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