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Hispanics Support Critical Step to Curb Climate Change
Hispanics Support Critical Step to Curb Climate Change
May 30, 2014
Climate Change

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Hispanic Leaders Express Strong Support for President’s Anticipated Safeguards that Will Limit Pollution and Help Protect our Public Health

Washington, DC (May 30, 2014)—Today, Voces Verdes, Mi Familia Vota, Latino Ranchers and Farmers, and National Black and Latino Council, their allies and members applaud the upcoming Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposal to set the first-ever standards that will limit the carbon pollution from existing power plants, a key driver of climate change. We have an obligation to our children and future generations to protect them from danger and this proposal is a critical step in doing that, the groups believe.

“As advocates for the wellbeing and rights of the Latino community, we at Mi Familia Vota “applaud the anticipated announcement setting common sense standards limiting carbon emissions from power plants. We know that the Latino community is particularly impacted by air pollution; one out of two Latinos lives in areas where air quality often does not meet EPA’s public health standards, and we know that public polling has shown that Latinos overwhelmingly support action to cut the carbon pollution that drives climate change and threatens public health,” Ben Monterroso, executive director of Mi Familia Vota said in a statement.

The groups say they believe it is their duty as Latino leaders and organizations to make sure our community is aware of the harmful effects of carbon pollution. The EPA is doing its job under the Clean Air Act to hold power plants accountable for the amount of pollution they spew into the air. These proposed standards will protect our children and future generations from the worst impacts of climate change, they said.

“There is a scientific consensus that climate change will make droughts longer and harsher like the one currently hitting not only Californians, but Texans and New Mexicans which has already cost many people their jobs and livelihoods and resulted in lost harvests.” said Rudy Arredondo, president of Latino Ranchers and Farmers. “The EPA’s coming announcement is a critical step in combatting the very real consequences of climate change that our communities are already dealing with.”

“Nearly one in four small business hit by a major disaster do not reopen.  Tackling carbon pollution will benefit the nation, as clean renewable energy sources will provide more job opportunities and cleaner production.” says Daniel Varagas, executive director of the National Black and Latino Council (NBLC).

“Many Latinos came to this country, whether generations ago or just recently, to build a better life,” said Adrianna Quintero, director of Voces Verdes. “The EPA’s new standards for existing power plants will take dangerous carbon pollution out of the atmosphere and are critically needed to curb climate change. They will help preserve our ongoing dream of a better life for our families and in our communities.”


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