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Our Voces remain strong as Clean Power Plan temporarily put on hold
Our Voces remain strong as Clean Power Plan temporarily put on hold

In August, our Voces were heard loud and clear when Obama introduced the Clean Power Plan, a tremendous step forward for our country to cut carbon pollution from power plants in the fight for clean air.

Despite this incredible progress, on Tuesday the Supreme Court made a 5-4 decision to put the Clean Power Plan on hold while the courts hear claims by big polluters in the lower courts. Despite this unexpected bump, as Administrator McCarthy pointed out, “climate change will not be stayed – nor will climate action be stayed” Because the public wants action and the wheels are already in motion.

The Supreme Court decision may slow the rule but it doesn’t reflect what citizens want: 7 out of 10 (and 9 out of 10 Latinos) support government action on climate and our call for action will remain strong and steadfast as ever.

It’s no surprise that Latinos overwhelmingly support action on climate. Nearly 2 in 5 Latinos lives within 30 miles of a power plant and Latinos are 165% more likely than whites to live in counties with the high concentrations of particulate matter pollution. Studies have shown that as levels of particulate matter rise, hospitalization for asthma increases. The Clean Power Plan means healthier lives for our families and a stop to big polluters spewing toxins into the air we breathe.

While we fight to make the case for the Clean Power Plan in the D.C. Circuit Court, we need to continue working on the ground in our states, supporting local policies that bolster green businesses like the solar industry that provide clean power for our families and greater job opportunities for our community. We commend states like Colorado, New York, California, Virginia, Washington and Pennsylvania that have remained headstrong, deciding to continue with the Clean Power Plan. As Governor McAuliffe of Virginia said, “We will stay on course and continue to develop the elements for a Virginia plan to reduce carbon emissions and stimulate our clean energy economy." 


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