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Environment and Climate Action: A Priority for Latinos
Environment and Climate Action: A Priority for Latinos

Coalition of Leading Latino Organizations Includes Environment and Climate Action in Bold New Policy Agenda

The following is a statement by Adrianna Quintero, director and founder of Voces Verdes:

Voces Verdes applauds the member groups of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA) on their 2016 Hispanic Public Policy Agenda. This historic, bold policy agenda includes, for the first time ever, environment and climate action as a priority for Latinos, recognizing their importance to the community and the growth in Hispanic leadership on these critical issues.

Latinos face some of the most serious environmental impacts, disproportionately suffering the effects of environmental harms and climate change. Latinos also remain some of the most concerned about climate impacts and the most committed to calling for action to address these and move towards a clean energy future. For us, these issues are real and personal.

Today, the need for Hispanic leadership is greater than ever. Voces Verdes is proud to count so many of the 40 NHLA member organizations among our partners, board members and Voces leaders, and we stand committed to work with NHLA and its member organizations to move these policy priorities forward for our communities, for our future, and for our planet.”


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