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It's time to limit carbon pollution & fight climate change
It's time to limit carbon pollution & fight climate change
May 19, 2014

Click this link to tell EPA that you want limits on carbon pollution from power plants now!

Voces In ActionThe Latino community has spoken loud and clear – it is time to take action to cut the carbon pollution that fuels climate change increasing smog and worsening extreme weather.

For too long, our communities have suffered the health effects of dirty power plants near schools, playgrounds, and homes; further, one out of two Latinos lives in areas with unhealthy or dangerous air quality throughout the year.

The Environmental Protection Agency is working to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants. Tell the EPA you support these first-ever limits on carbon pollution!

This action is for U.S. residents only. Please do not attempt to take action without a U.S. mailing address.

Voces Verdes will never sell your name, email or contact information.


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