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Former Energy Secretary and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson - We Must Tackle Climate Change Now!
Former Energy Secretary and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson - We Must Tackle Climate Change Now!
September 9, 2014

Bill Richardson is a former governor of New Mexico who also has served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and as U.S. Secretary of Energy during the Clinton Administration.  Richardson is a current board member of the World Resources Institute and an honorary board member of Voces Verdes.

The former energy secretary has called energy security the most important issue facing the United States, and calls for “a massive public and private investment to develop new technologies, particularly renewable technology.”

As Governor, Richardson’s bold governing style moved New Mexico forward in several important areas, including clean energy.  As a champion of addressing the threat of climate change, Richardson took direct action to make New Mexico the “Clean Energy State” by requiring utilities to meet 20% of New Mexico’s electrical demand from renewable sources; and established a Renewable Energy Transmission Authority to deliver New Mexico's world-class renewable resources to market.

Richardson, along with conservationist and actor Robert Redford, formed the Foundation to Preserve New Mexico Wildlife, an animal protection organization.

Richardson serves on several boards including the Natural Resource Defense Council and United Way International.

“I am strongly supportive of the work of Voces Verdes. Hispanics overwhelming support action to combat climate change and cut carbon pollution.  We must act now for the sake of our children and grandchildren. As a former Governor, I know first-hand the impacts of sea level rise, drought in the Southwest, and more extreme weather on state and local government's ability protect our constituents' wellbeing.”

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