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STATEMENT: Adrianna Quintero, Voces Verdes Executive Director, on U.S. Commitment to Climate Action
STATEMENT: Adrianna Quintero, Voces Verdes Executive Director, on U.S. Commitment to Climate Action
March 31, 2015
Climate Change

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U.S. Commits to Act Aggressively on Climate

Latino Leaders Applaud Commitment to Tackle Global Climate Crisis

WASHINGTON (March 31, 2015) – The United States today announced plans to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28 percent below 2005 levels in 2025 as part of its efforts to secure an international agreement to fight climate change later this year.

The following is a statement by Adrianna Quintero, executive director of Voces Verdes:

“This announcement, coming on the heels of Mexico’s last week, is a testament to the United States' commitment to cut dangerous carbon pollution. The U.S. is taking a leading role on the global stage heading into the Paris Conference this December when nations come together to make commitments to fight climate change.

“Not only can the United States meet its commitment, we can surpass it if we continue to take the actions like setting a strong carbon pollution standard. President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, along with other greenhouse gas reductions, are critical in achieving this target. The Latino leaders and organizations that are part of Voces Verdes recognize the importance of these actions on the health of our communities both here and abroad and applaud this important step forward towards ensuring that we protect our world for future generations."

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VOCES is an independent non-partisan coalition of Latino business, public health, academic, community leaders and organizational partners who advocate for sound environmental policy to combat climate change and support clean, renewable energy. We recognize the importance of balancing economic growth, environmental protection and prosperity.

LETTER: National Latino Leaders Applaud US Action on Climate Change




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