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The Monthly Voces Verdes Boletin
The Monthly Voces Verdes Boletin
May 7, 2015

Greetings friends,

We are pleased to present our monthly email newsletter, The Voces Verdes Boletín, crafted for YOU, our trusted supporters and allies.  In these issues we will offer our top environmental news picks from around the country, highlighting our Latino leadership in action and ways to support our diverse communities at all levels of civic engagement.

We hope that this newsletter provides you with a comprehensive news and update from us as much as from you, our coalition members and partners. We welcome your direct feedback and ideas on how we may better serve you and encourage you to share your thoughts via our social media channels or by replying to this email.

Nuestras Voces

So far this year, many of you have taken pen to paper and let your voices be heard.  Special thanks to our leaders Olga Torres, Lisa Hoyos, and steering committee member Jorge Madrid,  for shedding light on the continued need for climate action and maintaining a steady drum beat of Latino leadership! We are so thankful for your incredible #VocesInAction!

Also, check out the following commentaries from our very own Voces Verdes & NRDC staff Pam Rivera, Analisa Freitas, Adrianna Quintero, and Linda Escalante as well. 

VIDEO: The Next Frontier of Climate Change – State and Local Efforts to Implement Climate Change Legislation, featuring Olga Torres; The New Republic | April 15, 2015Florida Must Move Away From Fossil-Fueled Power Plants, by Pam Rivera; Florida Times Union | April 6, 2015Renewables & Business: New Rays of Light from Latino Leaders, by Analisa Freitas; Switchboard NRDC Staff Blog | March 16, 2015Moms Matter in our Fight against Climate Change, by Lisa Hoyos; EPA Connect | March 11, 2015Hay Que Decir No a las Bolsas de Plástico, by Linda Escalante; La Opinión | March 11, 2015Transforming Climate Threats into Opportunities for U.S. Latinos, by Jorge Madrid; Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy | March 8, 2015Fight Climate Change; Boost the Virginia Economy, by Olga Torres; Richmond Times-Dispatch | March 4, 2015Los Latinos y el Oleoducto Keystone, by Adrianna Quintero; El Nuevo Herald | March 3, 2015 

Nuestros Top 5

There was a lot of buzz the last few months on a wide range of issues, from President Obama’s veto on the Keystone pipeline bill, to the many positions on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan carbon emissions targets, to Pope Francis’ views on environmental justice, but our team was particularly impressed by the leadership direction of newly minted Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, elected last June, and his deep commitment to cleaning up Long Beach’s environmental rep.  Check out this story and the others that earned a spot in Nuestros Top 5.

1.  Vatican Hosts Climate Change Conference Ahead Of Papal Encyclical; NPR| April 28, 2015

2. Diversify and win: What lies ahead for the environmental movement; The Hill | April 27, 2015

3. Earth Week 2015: Companies Demonstrating They're Committed to the Environment; Latin Post | April 18, 2015

4. He’s young, green, Latino, openly gay — and the mayor of Long Beach; Grist | March 18, 2015

5. Farmers Using Special Crops in Holtwood, PA to Protect Soil & Help Their Farms Thrive; It’s Our Environment EPA Blog | March 17, 2015

What’s New?

As Earth Month drew to a close, we reignited the conversation with a lively discussion on sustainability featuring some of our very own Voces Verdes leaders and board member including Edwin Luevanos Founder of Citizen Energy, Giselle Achecar Co-founder of EcoRico Entertainment, Joe Sanchez CEO of Solar Four LLC, and Nicolás Ibargüen our current board member from Americas Business Council Foundation.  In addition we were joined by special guests Angela Barranco, Director of Public Engagement for the White House Council for Environmental Quality and Veronica Juarez, Director of Government Relations from Lyft. If you missed the discussion you can still view the chat on our YouTube Channel here.

In March, almost 40 of our leaders joined to support for the newly announced US target to reduce climate pollution. We were thrilled to have such a wide array of action from a diversity of sectors including entertainment, business, health, clean energy, academic, and civic engagement organizations. You can read our letter to President Obama here.

Stay tuned for more details on our next Twitter Chat scheduled for later in May. You’ll be able to join the conversation on Twitter at #Voces4Climate. 

That’s it for now, but please send us a direct message, tag us on Facebook, or tweet us with your latest achievements, events, or other activities so we may bring about greater awareness of the important work you all are doing in your respective states.  

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and action on climate change.

Have a great week and weekend,

-VV Team

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