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Faithful Call to Address Climate Change
Faithful Call to Address Climate Change

To President Obama and Members of Congress:

As people of faith, we are called to protect and serve God’s Creation and seek justice for all people and future generations. The gravity of climate change requires us to act with urgency.

From rising sea levels and severe weather events to shifting growing seasons and increased exposure to disease, the world is already feeling the impacts of climate change. Its worst consequences fall on vulnerable communities who have contributed the least to climate change but will suffer the most.

Yet, even as we faithfully commit to doing our part, we recognize that these actions alone are not sufficient—this crisis requires a global response.

To create a future with clean air, a healthy environment, good jobs, and resilience in the face of a changing climate for our children and God’s Earth, countries around the world must commit to an ambitious, equitable and binding global framework to address climate change.

As we approach the UN negotiations for 2015, we prayerfully ask that the US government lead, with a commitment to:

• Legally binding solutions that reduce national greenhouse gas emissions to levels consistent with scientific recommendations that prevent the worst impacts of human induced climate change.
• Provide poor and vulnerable communities here and abroad meaningful support to build low carbon and climate-resilient societies.

We pray for your leadership in securing a just and sustainable future for God’s creation.


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