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Latino Organizations & Leaders Support for the Clean Power Plan
Latino Organizations & Leaders Support for the Clean Power Plan

Check out the overwhelming support for the Clean Power Plan, the first ever limits on carbon pollution -- that is being shown by Latino organizations and leaders from across the country.

The following is a sampling of public statements by many of our Latino partner organizations and other national leaders.

"This action is long overdue and very welcome. As Latinos we believe in our country’s potential to allow us all to live a better life, and this plan inspires confidence that indeed we can achieve that. The Clean Power Plan is a critical step towards fighting climate change and the threat it poses for our lives and the lives of our children. I look at my two children and I know that I owe it to them and to their children to force polluters to clean up their act and stop dumping carbon and toxic pollution into our air and transition to a clean energy economy so that they may inherit the future we dream of for them."

--Adrianna Quintero, Executive Director, Voces Verdes

"Two of our national goals are to create vital Hispanic communities and advance public policy for an equal and just society,” said MANA President and CEO . “With the announcement of the EPA's Clean Power Plan, and the environmental and public health safeguards it puts in place, we are in a better position to advocate, protect, and lift up Latinos across the country who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change."

--Amy Hinojosa, President & CEO, MANA-A National Latina Organization

"Our food distribution business, Cristina Foods, Inc., procures from farmers throughout Illinois and surrounding states. As such, we are well aware of the impact a stable climate has on the food chain. We support the EPA’s Clean Power Plan because it will cut carbon pollution from power plants, a well-known major contributor to climate change. Fiscally, it will help businesses like ours save money on energy, allowing those savings to filter through to our customers, producing a stronger circulation of dollars in the community. Helping us save money while protecting our health makes supporting the Clean Power Plan a most viable proposition."

--Cesar Dovalina, Founder & President of Cristina Foods, Inc.

"I, along with the National Hispanic Medical Association’s 50,000 member doctors and allied health professionals, strongly support the EPA’s final rule limiting carbon pollution from existing power plants. Pollution from these power plants—both carbon pollution and other toxic power-plant emissions—sickens people raising the risk of illnesses like asthma, allergies, lung cancer and heart disease.  Half of all the Latinos in the U.S. live in areas where the air quality doesn’t meet EPA standards for clean air. These new rules will help clean up our air and prevent up to 6,600 premature deaths and 2,800 hospital admissions, all while fighting the pollution that causes climate change. They will protect our health, save families money; create better opportunities for every American."

--Dr. Elena Rios, President & CEO, National Hispanic Medical Association

"As a Latina business owner in Florida, I know firsthand how the environment and the economy are linked. In South Florida we are ground zero for climate change and sea level rise and therefore must support efforts to reduce carbon pollution and begin implementing adaptation policies to protect our economic future. The cost of doing nothing as Pope Francis noted in his encyclical is morally wrong."

--Irela Bagué, President, Bagué Group

"I would like to thank President Obama for his rule on power plants.  I support efforts to fight Climate Change and protect our families against pollution from power plants.  I also applaud that the new regulations include the use of more renewable energy, which I believe is a key step for advancing on a clean energy society that would especially improve the health of thousands of Hispanics living in proximity to power plants around the country."

--Isabel Margarita Long, Project Coordinator, DOI International Technical Assistance Program (ITAP)

“As a business owner and resident of Virginia, and as the outgoing president of the Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, I can tell you that climate change is bad for business,” said Olga Torres, President of the Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  “The worse climate change gets, the more it limits our state’s productivity, job growth, and quality of life. We must invest in protecting our state's clean water, clean air, and environment in order to grow a sustainable economy in Virginia. That’s why I’m excited about the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to cut climate-change-causing carbon pollution from power plants. It will safeguard our natural resources, which are valued economic assets, and improve the quality of life for children and families, many of whom are at high risk to aggravated respiratory illnesses caused by air pollution, by providing them the opportunity to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.”

--Olga Torres, President of the Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“The Wilderness Society welcomes this announcement. The single greatest threat to our communities and our wild places is climate change. Today’s move will dramatically improve public health and air quality, and enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities as our climate changes. In addition to efforts to reduce harmful carbon emissions, we know Latinos also care deeply about the role our public lands will play in addressing the causes and consequences of climate change. We stand ready to work with policy makers to be sure our shared natural and cultural heritage is protected as we develop the new clean energy we need and better assess the climate consequences of any energy decision on our public lands.

Some of New Mexico’s wildest places stand to see big changes if we don’t do all we can to reduce climate pollution. The administration has made huge gains in advancing cleaner energy sources like wind and solar and with efforts like the Clean Power Plan we can ensure that the energy we produce is not having harmful impacts on the land, water and wildlife that is so important to our Latino communities.”

--Michael Casaus, New Mexico State Director, The Wilderness Society

"Climate change impacts are evident: this very day there are droughts and wildfires raging and sea level rise happening from California to Alaska and Florida and in countries in Latin America, in large measure due to extreme weather. Latinos are one of the groups that suffer the most given that they live in places where there is a high level of pollution and vulnerability. The plan that president Obama presents today is historic and shows that his administration is serious about tackling climate change. Moreover, the plan calls for the inclusion of vulnerable communities as states develop their plans. These rules will not only benefit the Latino community domestically but it also establishes a firm foundation for US leadership at the UN climate negotiations in Paris in December."

--Vanessa Cardenas, World Wildlife Fund, Latino Outreach Director

"While we all remain jointly committed to preserving our cultural heritage for future generations, a new challenge has arisen that may hinder our efforts. Our changing climate and its resulting impacts are jeopardizing the landmarks and communities we hold most dear. Yet, despite the growing risk, conversations on how to comprehensively protect our cultural heritage have been largely absent from public discourse. One of the ways we can address this issue and maintain our vital cultural legacy is by calling on policy-makers at all levels of government to support communities in planning for a climate-resilient future, including making informed choices by assessing the costs of action versus inaction.  The EPA Clean Power Plan is another way we can act upon protecting our heritage and our most vulnerable communities."

--Theresa Cardenas, New Mexico Climate & Energy Consultant, Union of Concerned Scientists

"Young people everywhere know that climate change can limit our future if we don’t act now. Luckily, these final EPA carbon pollution standards are just the kind of action we’ve been hoping for. Floridians overwhelmingly want action on climate with 77% supporting the Clean Power Plan because they know it will stop power plants from pouring unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into our atmosphere; they’ll make the US a global leader on climate. They’ll even create hundreds of thousands of great jobs that young people need."

--Yulissa Arce, National Director of IDEAS for US

"We welcome and support the new clean power plant standards from the EPA. This new road map will lessen the health impacts on our people, while  creating economic opportunity and preserving our precious natural resources.

We look forward to more ambitious steps in the fight against climate change!"

--Carlos Zegarra, Director, Sachamama












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