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Voces Verdes members believe that Congress must allow the EPA to do its job of protecting our health and families by improving standards to keep our air safe and clean by tackling carbon pollution that threatens our health and is contributing to climate change.

Across the country, millions of Americans suffer the health impacts of air pollution, from asthma to lung cancer to chronic bronchitis. For the Hispanic population the burden is greater; where many are under-insured or lack insurance altogether, these preventable illnesses can be devastating.

In the U.S. today, one out of every 10 children are affected by asthma. Latino children have an even worse fate, being 60% more likely to develop asthma than non-Hispanic white children since they often live in geographic areas with the highest concentrations of air pollution.

Voces Verdes is working closely with health professionals, business groups and other community leaders to protect our children and families from dangerous air pollution. Our coalition is calling on congressional leaders to protect our air and put people before polluters. 

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